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Thank you for your interest in the Sleep and Metabolism Laboratory. We have excellent volunteer opportunities for students year-round. Working with our lab offers great exposure to clinical and basic research including:

  • Hands-on patient experience through communication and assisting with medical procedures

  • Wet lab exposure through processing samples and running assays 

  • Empirical research experience through collecting, managing, and analyzing research data 

Learning skills necessary to help with our research will provide you with valuable experience in research or medical careers, as well as jobs in administration and business. 


Applications for volunteer opportunities in the lab are open at the beginning of Fall and Spring semester, as well as before Summer break.


We have a few eligibility requirements you must meet in order to volunteer in our lab:

1.  Volunteer for a minimum of one semester. Candidates are encouraged to apply to our lab early in their college career in hopes of volunteering longer than this minimum requirement to fully experience the clinical research environment and benefit from longer and more in-depth training. Candidates looking for research experience following graduation are also encouraged to apply for volunteer positions. 

2.  Volunteer 4-6 hours per week during business hours (M-F, 9-5pm) when we are not running studies in the lab. When we are running studies, you will volunteer 8-16 hours per week; these hours may be completed anytime during the day or night on weekdays and/or weekends and are scheduled based on your availability and the needs of the study. We expect all volunteers and staff members to work some overnights and early mornings, in addition to day shifts. On average, we will run sleep studies 2-7 days of every month.

3.  Understand this is not a paid position. After being in the lab at least one semester, you may be invited to apply for a paid research assistant role, research grants, or be considered for independent study credit hours, depending on your degree requirements and major. Your invitation to apply for funding is based on your performance during your first semester in our lab.

4. Email our Lab Manager Ellen: your completed application (Click the link on the right side of the screen) and updated resume/CV as soon as possible. If your application is accepted to move forward, Ellen will schedule a virtual meeting. If you have any questions about this application process, please email


To learn more about research conducted in our lab, you can view our website at for more details.


Thank you again for your interest in our lab!

Science Lab
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